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We also provide cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and career coaching!

Why Choose 1-On-1-Resumes...

We are so confident in our own abilities, that if you buy a resume, follow our advice for sending it out, and aren't working within 45 days, we'll revise our work AND refund the price of the resume!

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  • A tutorial on how to "score big" at job interviews.
  • An informational sheet on marketing your resume.
  • Optional cover letter & follow-up "thank you" letters.
  • Optional "job hunter" & professional career coaching services.
  • Optional Internet resume posting.
  • One copy of your new resume in Word format and one in PDF format.
  • Access to our 24 hour online customer service center. 
  • Full, one-on-one interactions with your lead writer.
  • Our 45 day "get hired or get a refund" guarantee.


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"Thanks to all involved... I was VERY impressed with your service... and the end result.. That was the best $119.95 I have invested in myself.. EVER... Keep up the good work and do know that your service is appreciated. God Bless."
-- David Kumar (view more testimonials)

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